RegenTAP: Dual Breakout

10G | 10 or 12 Ports | 2 TAPs in 1 | Provide Multiple Copies of Data

RegenTAP: Dual Breakout
RegenTAP: Dual Breakout

Network test access points (TAPs) are purpose-built hardware devices that allow you to access and monitor your network, letting you see every bit, byte and packet.®


Regeneration or regenerator TAPs are used to capture 100% full duplex traffic that can be sent to multiple monitoring appliances to analyze your network.


The RegenTAP: Dual Breakout is a multifaceted appliance that houses two TAPs in one, and provides multiple tap ‘breakout’ copies of data for additional applications. Ideal for direct connect, SFP, QSFPs, active cable infrastructures.

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RegenTAP Dual Breakout Keyfeatures

  • Provide multiple tap ‘breakout’ copies of Tx/Rx traffic from single link or provide multiple tap ‘breakout’ copies
  • Dual Breakout SPAN 1x4 available
  • Network Failsafe or passive design
  • OEO design [optical to electrical to optical]
  • Supports jumbo frames
  • Link Failure Propagation (LFP)
  • 100% secure and invisible; no IP address, no MAC address; cannot be hacked
  • Plug and play; no management
  • Dual internal AC power supplies
  • Made, tested and certified in USA

Breakout TAPs are ideal for:

  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Lawful Interception
  • Packet Capture
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Network Analyzer
  • Forensics
Garland RegenTAP: Dual Breakout
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